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There are many shapers out there, but only one stops tight your tight dresses from rising!


The Problem

We love bodycon’s, but loathe the constant tug & pull. Every time they rise up to the point of no return…not a good look.


The Solution

Imagine a shaper and fashion tape in one! The No-Rise Panty® is the ONLY Shaper-panty designed to hold your dress down, so you don’t have to. Our patented design is made with special material that our Holding Strips attach to. Made with strong compression fabric guaranteed to smooth your mid-section. And notch details and lace for a sexier look. Now that’s a bad ass shaper!

Any Bodycon, Anytime, Anywhere


Women have needed this like yesterday! The No-Rise Panty® truly solves one of the biggest clothing problems that we have.” -E. Carter/ Founder & Designer


Our Holding Strips

Our Holding Strips are strong enough to stick to any tight dress or skirt and keeps it in place day and night. And delicate enough that it won’t damage them. Lasts for 2-3 uses. The No-Rise Panty® comes with 3 sets of strips.

“This is great. But how will I go to the bathroom?” -Becca via instagram

Simply pull up your dress! The Holding Strips will simply detach from The No-Rise Panty®.


The best damn shaper!

Washable & Re-Usable

Breathable & Comfortable

Tummy Smoothing/ Made w/ compression fabrics

High waist/ Mid-Thigh/ Seamless

Non-slip waistband

Sexy lace & notch details

And oh yeah..Keeps your tight dresses down, so you don’t have to!

For All Body Types


What women are saying…


The shapers I usually get are double the price and loose their shape quickly. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. I like the control it gives me and my dress stayed down all night.

-Shaymia Harrison-Myer - Los Angeles, CA


This has been a life saver for me! I'm definitely glad I bought it.

Shaniece Williams -Atlanta, GA


It’s not as constricting as a control shaper, but it really smooths my natural curves nicely. I love that it holds my dress in place. Now I feel more comfortable especially at work.

T. Williams -Baltimore, MD


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