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Frequently Asked Questions

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is the No-rise panty true to size?

Answer: Due to the cut of the panty, it does run small. We strongly suggest ordering one size up. 

can you wash this panty?

Answer: Yes. Remove the sticky strips first. Then you can wash this panty on gentle cycle. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. HANG DRY ONLY.

will the no-rise panty show panty lines through my dress?

Answer: The No-Rise Panty is seamless. It will not show through light, medium, or heavy dresses. But it may show some lines on very lightweight/ semi-transparent dresses.


how long do the sticky strips stay sticky?

Answer: Each sticky strip will give you three to four wears before you have to switch them out. However, the more you unstick and restick the strips, the less sticky it will be. 

Does the no-rise panty stick to all fabrics?

Answer: This panty will stick to most fabrics. Please do not wear with silk dresses or satin dresses.

What is the return policy?

Answer: Due to this panty being an intimate item, we do not accept returns. Please make sure to check the size before checkout. Protection Status