Top 5 Reasons Why We Say We Have Nothing To Wear


If you are like most women, you open your closet, glance over your wide variety of clothes and say… “I have nothing to wear.” Why so? We have five reasons below.

You Have Been Seen Wearing All Your Clothes On Instagram

Do you post daily photos of yourself on Instagram? If so, there is a good chance that you didn’t run out of clothes, you just ran out of clothes that people haven’t seen you wear on Instagram. If you are not a style blogger, there is no reason for you to post pictures of yourself daily. When you do take photos, do layers to distract your pieces.

You Have Too Many Clothes

I know what you are thinking - how can a person with too many clothes not be able to decide what to wear? But with the endless possibilities comes the feeling of being overwhelmed. Too many clothes lead to confusion. Your trip to the closet resembles a trip to Macy’s and you end up struggling to narrow down your choice to just one outfit.

You Shop For Individual Pieces And Trendy Items

If you are the shopper who says “that’s cute” and buys the item they are referring to without any second thought, you probably fall under the compulsive trendy shopper category. You tend to go shopping for individual statement pieces. But when looking at your closet at a whole, your pieces don’t work together to make outfits.

You Still Hang On To Poor Fitted And Low Quality Clothes

Just let it go. You hang on to that shirt with the hole in it. Or those shoes that you know are 2 sizes too small just because you think they are cute. Your shoe size won’t decrease overnight. And unless you are going to a seamstress, that hole won’t patch itself. If you can’t wear it, just get rid of it or donate it.

You Play It Too Safe

You are the type of shopper who tends to be repetitive. You play it safe and buy items that you know work with your skin tone and body. That sounds smart, but also boring. How many nude color cami’s do you need? Add some pops of color. Every closet needs some accent pieces.

So have you been a culprit of saying “you have nothing to wear” with a closet full of clothes. Don’t worry, we understand. The simple solution is staying away from statement pieces and have more quality clothes that last and won’t require a DIY fix. Another solution is to also try our No-Rise Panty. For those dresses that constantly rise when you walk, our panty is designed to keep your dress in place. Check out our product page for more details!

Camisha Ballard