The Difference Between Good & Bad Shapewear

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For centuries, undergarments have done the job of concealing, revealing, flattering, synching, transforming, and sometimes all at the same time. Today’s world of shapewear does the same, as it hides or lifts problem areas and sometimes shapes the body to look a certain way. There are plenty of different varieties designed to target different concerns, ranging from tummy control tops to hip-slimming shorts and butt-lifters. With all of the slimming and compression that shapewear offers, it has been a concern to consumers and even doctors on whether shapewear is good or bad to wear.

The answer to the question cannot be summarized with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer as every shapewear isn’t made the same. For example, we can go back to the first recorded corset that originated from Crete in Greece, worn by the Minoan people. Both Minoan men and women wanted a small waist. As children, both genders wore a girdle around their waists that was tightened as they grew in order to stop growth in the waist area. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that this type of constraining is unhealthy as stopping the growth of the waist can cause internal problems.

Regardless of complications and reasoning, shapewear has continued to evolve and be an essential item for every womens’ closet. Some of us still purchase them for the uses that they were designed for hundreds of years ago (waist training) or to just achieve a slimmer look.

Whatever your reason for wearing shapewear, it’s important that you are aware of what you are being sold, and the possible effects that the shapewear can have on your body not just externally but internally. We have a few tips listed for you to evaluate whether you are wearing the right shapewear or not.

Good Shapewear

  1. Gives an added boost of wardrobe-malfunction-proof confidence.

  2. Is breathable.

  3. Compresses and does not constrain.

  4. Doesn’t roll or move.

  5. Is smooth and seamless. If you are wearing a bodycon or fitted dress, it won’t show under your dress.

  6. Is not a workout to put on.

Bad Shapewear

  1. Causes major discomfort and cuts off circulation.

  2. If your shapewear is too-tight it can leave you waiting for the moment the night ends so you can rip it off.

  3. Makes you sweaty to the point that it’s visible on your outer garments.

  4. Rolls down under your problem areas.

  5. Shouldn’t be worn 24/7.

  6. Looks like shapewear. Not sexy.

We hope these tips help you separate the good from the bad. If you are looking for a good shaper to wear, we believe our No-Rise Panty check all the boxes that make up one. See for yourself:

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Camisha Ballard