Find The Perfect Shaper For Summer

Image From Unsplash

Image From Unsplash

It’s officially summer! If you are like everyone else, you are eager to welcome the sunny weather, cookouts and beach trips. And when it comes to fashion, you will also be welcoming your maxi’s, mini’s, midi’s and bodycons. Not all of your dresses may need a shaper, but for those that do, we have the perfect solution. So what is the best shaper for you to wear this summer? It’s the No-Rise Panty®!

Summer brings with it high temperatures. If you are familiar with low-end shapers, you may have experienced a lack of breathability. Your shaper may have been counterproductive and even caused you to sweat. With the No-Rise Panty® from herfineBASICS™, this isn’t the case.

Our shaper is made of compression based performance mesh that is both breathable and strong. You can wear your shaper under your dress in the summer sun without worrying about sweating underneath.

You may be active this summer. From walking in the mall, going on trips, enjoying nightlife, etc. If you are wearing a fitted dress during any of these activities, chances are that your dress will rise up. When you are carrying several shopping bags in the mall, the last thing you have time to do is stop to pull your dress back into place.

And for those who are not quite secure with their midsection, our shaper has tummy control to help with your problem area. Our shapers run true to size from a small to 3XL.

 We can go on and on about the benefits of having our No-Rise Panty® this summer. But how about you try for yourself? Make your summer a breeze this year by trying a shaper that works for you.

Camisha Ballard