Easy Date Night Outfits For Every Occasion

In a time when dating has become more like ordering take-out, it’s important for every aspect of dating to be simplified and made easy. And this includes finding something to wear. If Tinder, POF and Bumble (to name a few) can get you a date in a matter of minutes, it’s necessary for you to be prepared when it comes to your choice of dress. After all, first impressions mean everything. So to help, we have put together a list of outfits to make dressing for your next date as easy as swiping right.

Happy Hour Date


If your date is set around happy hour between 3:00pm - 7:00pm, you most likely won’t have much time to run home and change. Since you may be coming from work, you have to make your look go from day to night. Loosen up your button-up a few buttons and remove your blazer. You want your date to look like a date and not an interview. Turn your corporate look into a business casual look.

Lunch Date

A lunch date can be tricky if you are having the date during your lunch break from work. If you are, you may be a little restricted on options. You may not have time to change your work look completely, so you have to make sure your look is versatile. This requires you to plan ahead. We bel

Dinner Date

For a dinner date, even though your date will be looking at your waist up for most of the date, you still want to look good from head to toe. A dinner date will be the most important date to make sure you have on the right outfit since it requires the most engagement. Most women make the mistake of showing too much of certain body parts. You want your body to be an attraction, not a distraction. Make sure their eyes are focused on your eyes and not on the ones on your chest. A swoop neck top that doesn’t show too much cleavage is ideal.


Playful Date

If your date includes bowling, skating or any other activity that involves you being physical, then you fall under this type of date. Your outfit needs to most importantly be comfortable. This does not mean that you have the right to wear leggings and a t-shirt. Don’t neglect the fact that you still want to look like you care. Instead of something fitted, try a loose dress with movement. Or a loose top with jeans. This gives off the impression that you are ready to have fun but also care about how you are being perceived.

Movie Date

You may think that since you two will be in a dark setting that it wouldn’t matter what you wear. But that is far from the truth. You should look just as good as the actors on the screen. But also keep in mind that theaters can be a little cold. Pairing your look with a nice cardigan can be a smart and chic idea.

So when is your next date? Whether you are new to the dating scene, just jumping back in or already in a relationship, we believe that these outfits can work for any occasion. Use hashtag #herfinebasics when you are headed on your next date. We would love to see your outfit.