Who Else Is Bummed About The "INSECURE" 2020 Premiere?

Image Credit: HBO

Image Credit: HBO

I’ve been a fan of Issa Rae since the first episode of Insecure. I must admit, I did not watch “Awkawrd Black Girl”. It was earlier times, and I was not that into web series’ at the time. But Insecure spoke to my soul as a black women navigating life. Same musical tastes, awkard but honest personality, and most of all, the similarities in our experiences. And apparently 1 million other viewers feel the same way! Which why it sucks that we have to wait until 2020 for Season 4 (cry emoji!). So here is our top 5 best moments from Insecure.

Broken Pu**y!

Mirror Motivations

Bi-Sexual Girl Talk

Drug-Filled Coachella Episode

Issa's Dinner Dates

Elisha Carter