Buzzfeed's "19 Fucking Infuriating Things About Women's Clothing" Article

We’re late, but this Buzz Feed write up is still relevant! While I was style stalking I often do. I came across this article from April 2017 that names 19 of the most frustrating things women hate about clothing. Check out #13.

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Make that 18 problems, thanks to The No-Rise Panty™. Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

You can read the original article here:

Elisha Carter
Our Favorite Bodycon's!

This was a hard decision! But I have..after changing my mind like 100 times..and stopping myself from buying several dresses... I have finally chosen my top 3.

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"Swing It Bandage Dress" by NastyGal. It's just the right amount of "alot going on". It's super sexy, but no skin is overexposed. And all body types would look amazing in this dress. I'd search high and low for an event to go to just to wear this dress!

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The "Twist Front Chambray Shirtdress" by Eloquii. First of all, Eloquii is one of the best women's fashion websites I've come across in a long time! There selection of dresses in particular is amazing. So many designs that are new and fresh! The Twist Front Chambray Shirtdress is amazing for so many reasons. It has that bodycon feel without being to restricting. The knotted waist gives the illusion of a smaller waist, which gives you more of an hour glass shape. The chambray fabric is super breathable. And both the sleeves and the dress are a perfect length. This dress can easily go from casual to dressy casual, being appropriate for both work and happy hour. And the model definitely served!

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The "Assata" White Draped Shirt Dress by House of CB London. What I love about this dress is that one side is fitted and the other side is draped. The ruched detail at the waist is a great design element and it's slimming. Most of all, this dress can be worn with heels or the right sneaker. I know a white dress is not for everyone or for every occasion, but this one needs to be in your closet!

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Elisha Carter
How It Started...
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Every brand has a birth story..and my brand, HerFineBASICS™ is no exception. It all started from one idea. And that idea was sparked from an interesting situation...a date! Yes ladies...a date! I met a handsome, successful and super funny guy who asked me to dinner. I'm always excited about first dates. I get my hair done, buy nice perfume, and don't eat all day so I can wear a nice fitted dress that's just the right combination of sexy and classy. We had a great time...except I had to keep pulling my dress down every five minutes! I'm sure you know how hard it is to remain cute and composed and walk straight in your heels when you have to keep pulling your dress down.

That night, my first product was born; The No-Rise Panty™. An innovative, first of it's kind product that stops your dresses from rising up. Genius right? But I didn't just want a product, I wanted a brand. A brand for women like me. Women who date, who work, have girls nights, travel, and all. And HerFineBASICS™ was born!

-Elisha Carter, the Creator

Elisha Carter