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     About Us..

We are creating a sisterhood by uniting women of all races and backgrounds by one common thing…Style!

All women have their own personal style. And with style comes solutions. With a fresh take on women's biggest wardrobe issues, we create innovative products that solve her problems!

  The Creator

Hi! Elisha here! I am the creator of HerFineBASICS™. I am always thinking about you and how I can make your life easier...and mine! It all started from one idea. And that idea was sparked from an interesting situation...a date! Yes ladies...a date! I met a handsome, successful and super funny guy who asked me to dinner. I'm always excited about first dates. I get my hair done, buy nice perfume, and don't eat all day so I can wear a nice fitted dress that's just the right combination of sexy and classy. We had a great time...except I had to keep pulling my dress down every five minutes! I'm sure you know how hard it is to remain cute and composed and walk straight in your heels when you have to keep pulling your dress down. That night, my first product was born; The No-Rise Panty®. An innovative, first of it's kind product that stops your dresses from rising up. Genius right? But I didn't just want a product, I wanted a brand. A brand for women like me. Women who date, who work, have girls nights, travel, and all.

I'm sure you're wondering about the guy. Well, that didn't work out. But I have my brand and I have you strong women who continue to inspire and uplift me just by being you.