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There are many shapers out there, but only one stops tight dresses from rising up!


The Problem

The tight dresses we love, constantly rise with every movement. Tugging & pulling while doing a million other things. That annoying, uncomfortable, embarrassing walk of shame.

Bodycon’s are a staple in our wardrobe for everything! #WORK #DATENIGHT #GIRLSNIGHT #PARTIES #VACATION

We’ve needed a solution, like yesterday!


The Solution

A Shaper that Keeps Tight Dresses Down! Plus, Tummy Control. The No-Rise Panty® comes with our Holding Strips that attach to the shaper and to your dress for a seamless look! Our patented design is made to be washable and breathable, with strong compression fabric guaranteed to smooth your mid-section.

The No-Rise Panty® truly solves one of the biggest clothing problems that we have.
— -E. Carter/ Founder & Designer

For Any Tight Dress or Skirt


For All Body Types

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The shapers I usually get are double the price and loose their shape quickly. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. I like the control it gives me and my dress stayed down all night.

-Shaymia Harrison-Myer - Los Angeles, CA

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This has been a life saver for me! I'm definitely glad I bought it.

Shaniece Williams -Atlanta, GA

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It’s not as constricting as a control shaper, but it really smooths my natural curves nicely. I love that it holds my dress in place. Now I feel more comfortable especially at work.

T. Williams -Baltimore, MD

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